Our Story & Vision

2011 was a big year for our family. Our 10 year old son had been diagnosed with the Coeliac disease while his younger brother was showing health problems of his own. Too many emergency hospital visits meant something had to change, and our family went Gluten-Free.

It was a big challenge. We were concerned about what others might think about this ‘new’ lifestyle, plus there was the anxiety that a gluten-free diet would be expensive and tasteless. But the well-being of our children was at stake, we had to act.

We started a Passion project for a healthier lifestyle, which has expanded into a Vision to share the Good News that being "Gluten Free" does not mean sacrificing good flavour and taste. Our ingredients are carefully selected, and we try our very best to source from the organic, free range, fair trade and local producers.


Looking back to those years, we’ve been on an amazing journey that has not only impacted and improved the health of our children, but our family and friends as well. Today we’re all living a much healthier life, and we’d like to share that with you.

If you think gluten-free goods aren’t delicious, you obviously haven’t tried ours. Let us prove you wrong! Yet our goal is more than creating fresh, delicious and healthy gluten-free baked goodies. We’ll continue to do that of course, but as we expand our range we also want to expand awareness of the health benefits from the right gluten-free diet.

Ultimately, we want you to enjoy the happiness our family now enjoy.

Liwe & Ivan

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